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Troubleshooting:Conditional Formatting: Shading alternate bands of rows

Conditional Formatting: Shading alternate bands of rows

I would like to shade rows or bands of rows in a worksheet alternately when the value in Column A changes.
Seeking the formula to enter in conditional formatting rules to do this.  Also wondering if there's any way through conditional formatting to format
a thick borderline between rows when the value in Column A changes.

Keys to the Problem Conditional Formatting: Shading alternate bands of rows

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OK, not that hard.
Right-click on your sheet's tab and View Code.  Paste in the following:
Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate()
    Dim c As Range, rng As Range
    Dim strLastCell As String
    Dim b As Boolean
    Set rng = Range("A2", Cells(ActiveSheet.Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp))
    For Each c In rng
        If Not c.EntireRow.Hidden Then
            If c.Value <> strLastCell Then b = Not b
            If b Then
                c.EntireRow.Interior.Color = RGB(200, 200, 200)
                c.EntireRow.Interior.Pattern = xlNone
            End If
            strLastCell = c.Value
        End If
    Next c
End Sub
To make the Worksheet Calculate event fire when the auto-filter is chanaged, you have to have a volatile function on the sheet.  So in a cell somewhere out of the way, enter 
That should do it.  (And you can get rid of that column with the IFs, and all the conditional formatting now).

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