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How to Resolve - Alphanumeric Page Numbers In Word?

Alphanumeric Page Numbers In Word

I am not a very good Word user so I apologize in advance if this question seems to be very basic!

I am using Word 2007.
I am in Section 4 of my document and I want to change the formatting of the Page Number in the Footer.
In Section 3, the Page Numbers began at 1 and ended at 68.
In Section 4, I want the first
page of that section to be F-1, the second page to be F-2, the third page to be F-3, and so on and so on in that Section.

How do I do this?

Thanks so much.

Keys to the Problem Alphanumeric Page Numbers In Word

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Open the footer in section 4 and unlink it from the footer in section 3.
Restart numbering at 1.
Then type F- before the page number in the footer.
This will give you the display you want for that section, but the "F-" will
not be included in the TOC.
If you need this format to be displayed in the TOC, the only way to accomplish that is to use the "Include chapter number" feature in the Page Number Format dialog.
The "chapter number" must be the paragraph number of an autonumbered paragraph
in one of Word's built-in heading styles.
That means that you must have a heading somewhere on the first page of section 4, and it must have the "number" F.
If you have used the same heading style for this section that you have used for previous sections, then that will have to change because you're going to add numbering to this one.
So pick some unused heading level.
Say you've used Heading 1, 2, and 3 already
in your document.
So use Heading 4 or 5.
Modify the format to match whatever heading style you were already using.
Then use the Define New Multilevel List dialog to add A, B, C numbering to that heading level.
Start the numbering at F.
Remove any punctuation
following it and set "Follow number with" to "Nothing." Then click Font...
and format the number as Hidden.
The number will not show up on your heading but will be reflected in the page number.
If you need this heading to show up in the TOC at the same level as other (higher-level) headings, then, in the Table of Contents Options dialog, change its 4 or 5 to 1, 2, or 3 as appropriate so that its entry will use the TOC 1, TOC 2, or TOC 3 style.
Note that any subheadings in this section can use other built-in heading styles (Heading 1, 2, or 3), and they will show up in the TOC as expected.
They don't need to be numbered because the page numbering has already been accomplished with the one heading
numbered F.
Alternatively, if you don't want to modify one of the existing headings in section 4, you can add a new Heading 4 or 5 (that is, some unused level), applying numbering as described, but instead of formatting the numbering as Hidden, you can format the entire
paragraph as Hidden so that it doesn't actually appear in the text at all when printed.

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